• Zoned in Scottsdale…
    Zoned in Scottsdale… Zoned Properties, Inc. manages its operations from the commercial headquarters located in the real-estate empire of the southwest: Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • Zoned Development…
    Zoned Development… Zoning restrictions differ from city to city and state to state. Zoned Properties not only acquires specifically zoned real estate, but we also develop the architectural design and subsequent build-outs for each property.
  • Greenhouse Growing…
    Greenhouse Growing… Greenhouse developments are a primary focus for Zoned Properties because of their maximized efficiency and minimized operating costs.
  • Zoning is Not Easy…
    Zoning is Not Easy… Acquiring correctly zoned commercial properties and properties that are candidates for re-zone is easier said than done. Our dedicated team of professionals will work to meet the needs of your specific project.

Welcome to Zoned Properties, Inc.

Zoned Properties, Inc. is a strategic real estate investment firm whose primary focus is acquiring commercial properties that face unique zoning challenges. We acquire commercial properties zoned within a variety of usage types such as industrial, agricultural, as well as mixed use.

Zoned Properties, Inc. also targets commercial properties that can be acquired and potentially re-zoned for specific purposes. The core of our business is identifying and acquiring properties that are candidates for re-zoning. This is an essential aspect of our overall growth strategy because once acquired and re-zoned, their value is substantially higher than under their previous zoning.

Property Management

Zoned Properties, Inc. manages a portfolio of properties that it acquires and leases. We provide oversight on each and every property we manage. This can include complete architectural design and subsequent build-outs, general support, landscaping, general up-keep, and state of the art security systems.

For more information on our company please visit our about us page, and investors can visit our investors page.